SLIM-IFA-33 rev A
IF Amplifier Module
Updated 4-30-08.  Update page to reflect Revision A.
Updated 8-11-09.  Add revision history
Updated 9-15-09.  Correction to Title, this is obviously not the Control Board (sorry).

SLIM-IFA-33, I.F. Amplifier, size-A
Use your mouse's "right click" and "Save Link" to download:
  SKSLIM-IFA-33 rev A, Schematic, in ExpressPCB software.
b.   LAYSLIM-IFA-33 rev A, Layout, in ExpressPCB software. Use for locating parts on board.
c.   PWB-RFA, PWB artwork, in ExpressPCB software. Use for ordering from Express.
d.   PLSLIM-IFA-33 rev A, Parts List in text format.

    The SLIM-IFA-33 Amplifier module consists of two separate MMIC amplifiers with a common DC power input connector.  The MMICs have a bandwidth of over 4 GHz, so a 40 MHz low pass filter is included in each output.  At 10.7 MHz, the single stage gain is 20 dB, with a 1 dB compression point output of greater than +13 dBm.  Noise figure is less than 3 dB.  38 ma. of bias current (for each amplifier) is required to maintain these specs.  With +10 volts input to the module, a total of 150 ohms dropping resistance is required.  The dropping resistance is split into two 75 ohm resistors, each dissipating 108 milliwatts.  The split resistors also allow for more input power filtering.
  This module was given the suffix "-33" because it specifies using the MiniCircuits ERA-33 MMIC.  However, other MMIC's can be substituted (with appropriate bias component changes).

Revision History
Original Release: Released 7-01-2007
SLIM-IFA-33 Rev 0, SK-IFA-33 Rev 0,  PWB-RFA Rev 0, PLSLIM-IFA-33 Rev 0

Revision A: Released 4-25-2008
Change to schematic and parts list.
    After the first SLIM-IFA-33 was constructed and tested, it was determined that component tolerance was not tight enough to guarantee consistant bandwidth characteristics.  Therefore, Revision A changed the band pass filter in each output stage, to a low pass filter in each stage.
    If the previous
SLIM-IFA-33, Rev 0, has been constructed with good results, it does not need to be revised or modified.

SKSLIM-IFA-33, Schematic of SLIM-IFA-33

LAYSLIM-IFA-33, Layout of SLIM-IFA-33
slim/layslim_ifa_33.gif  slim/ifa_33.JPG
    This layout document should be used for locating or placement of components.  It should not be used for ordering the PWB from Express.

Plot of Gain of both stages in cascade and phase vs. frequency sweep.
    Blue is gain, with the right scale, in 1 dB increments.  Red is phase, left scale, 36 degree increments.